Things you should avoid after physical intimacy

Physical intimacy in a relationship keeps the ball rolling. Physical intimacy or a sexual act in love makes a relationship stronger. What we call sex is nothing more than a physical act for most of us while the truth is that it is more of a spiritual union. A spiritual union that makes two persons feels an as one and that oneness makes two different people long for each other. Love is over-hyped while sex as an act of love only justifies itself when there is a commitment and truthfulness in love.

Mostly relationship experts suggest communication is the best method to keep the relationship alive. Communicate even the smallest of the small things with your partner. When it comes to the physical expression of love most people make it a short-lived session where the fun part finishes as soon as one of the partner finishes.

Mistakes people make after having a romp

1. falling asleep into a deep slumber. If both of the partners fall asleep they make a mistake in losing the time they could spend in appreciating each other, each other’s beauty, love.

2. Making the physical act as a duty rather than a natural expression of relationship. Most people feel it as a duty, they lose the fun as soon as their duty finishes.

3. Turning on the TV, Radio immediately after physical intimacy. When one of the partners does that it sends an insulting signal to the other because the other partner might want to spend more private moments.

4. Rushing for the bathroom to wash you off. Once again you may miss out some of the beautiful moments of care and love after the physical stuff.

5. Catching up with books, magazine again may distract the other partner.

6. Getting engaged on a phone call is just another distraction.


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