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You may think what made me think about life at 11.24 PM. Yeah its too late. As you know indeed we know we dont get much time to ponder upon life. Everything seems so fast, life moves with a breakneck speed without giving much time to realise what is life. Life Oh my dear life.Do i know my life is not only mine its a life indebted to many i cant count with my fingers and many who i dont know actually but contribute directly or indirectly to my life. My life is not as precious as the life of a tree which gives oxygen to the atmosphere. My life is not important than the lives of millions who do not have fear to work under rough and adverse climatic change to build roads, highways, buildings for us and my life is too small than those who work in the scorching heat to grow crops and vegetables for our daily consumption and food need. When I make too much complaints about my own life and think what makes me deprive of all the worldly pleasure I often turn depressed but then i think why should i waste some of the precious moments of life just thinking about my failures and my inability to touch the lights of success and then when think with a clear mind i realise that success is not all about what generally makes one prosperous in a materialistic world but success is something which makes my tearmingle in the ocean of the scorpion dip from where i rise as i transform from a good human being to a great human being. It may take births to prove me that i come to the transient earth to fulfill the purpose of every breath but it is a truth that millions take new life while millions die in oblivion.. My quest  of a true and successful life may be money for the very instant but as i get success in my monetary goals i may soon realise that my success was something else and i was so close to it but never be identified in a true sense. Human nature is selfish we adore every thing and being as we realise that they give benefit to us and then we may forget even God if  he does not give what we ask. Its human nature being a small-time poet i realise the language of heart while as a philosopher I see the world differently as an ordinary human being i pretend to live according to the falsity and pretentious etiquettes of the world and when i get time to leave a few drops of tear to wash away the uncleanliness of my heart i feel only my God to helps me though he is so far he seems so near. though i am not good he is always good to me i wonder how can i pay off his debt i wonder if i can always be true to him
By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Self-help| Date : November 10,2011

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