Tom Taylor Scam 2016

Tom Taylor hails from Australia and he lives in Cebu City, Philippines. He states in his Facebook profile that he is Chief Executive Officer at Self Employed and Loving It!

Tom started a revshare company called ultimate revenue share (URS). URS was said to be one of the biggest revenue share companies in the world, it was promoted by many people from the industry. It went well for few months and suddenly Tom announced that he got a heart attack and gave the reins of URS to someone from India.

Later after a month having a lot of changes made in the URS finally they shut down the URS site and then again made it live.


Then Tom declared a program called URS recovery program for those who did not even recover their money from the system. They made a website named paid rocket to recover seed money of those who had not profited from URS butthat too turned out to be a scam.



This guy earned millions of dollar in a few months through crowd funding and lots of innocent investors lost their money.

Tom Taylor is the topmost scammer in Revshare business of 2016.

By : Admin| Company Name : Ultimate Revshare ( URS)| Title : Revshare-Hype-Internet marketing|Date : July 13,2016

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