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Top share Global started as a revenue sharing company in 5th of June. Admins sarath Vavachan and Doney Varghese seemed to be honest and they were being interviewed by the top leaders of the industry such as Julz Steve on youtube (

Before they started the revshare program they opened the website for subscription (Regular and Premium). Regular Subscription has a cost of 10 dollars for 30 days with 3 times withdrawal limit, 3% commission income while the premium subscription cost was 25 dollars, 30 days life, 3% referral commission and 5 times withdrawal limit.

They had several adpacks 3 dollar to 50 dollar and in order to make ROI the members needed to buy the adpacks.

The most striking feature of their revshare model was to have the 100% refund rule with T& C. In the image below you can find the refund option terms and conditions.

Things went well for almost a month, all members were happy but in between they had started to change the rules of the game, Sarath in one of the FB group post referred the commission earners as commission junkies  and even talked about kicking them out, Commission income was stopped.


Within a few days their sever got issues and the site was down almost for a day. Members were anxious and then after more than 24 hours Sarath informed that the site will be live soon as some important files are getting uploaded.


Site got live once again on 11th July and one 12th Doney posted a message that ad packs except $5 and $25 are removed, all previous shares of members were removed, withdraw of earning balance was removed as of now.

Doney wrote, Withdrawals are open and any revenue generated from the website will be processed on Sundays.

No one since July 12th were able to withdraw their cash balance and there is no message from the admin to thousands of TSG members who have put money and trust on the system.

Some of the TSG members filed complaints of cyber scam to Kochi cybercrime cell and

they advised to file the case in their local jurisdiction, sarath Vavachan and Doney Varghese have become very famous for their notoriety in the form of scamming and mishandling of more than a million dollars put by the members.

After Tom Taylor's URS scam , sarath Vavachan and Doney Varghese have given result to 2016's biggest revshare scam, you may call it TSG Revshare scam 2016, Sarath scam 2016, Sarath Revshare scam, Doney revshare Scam, Doney Scam etc.

Their facebook profile pages are as below,


Official Face Book Page:


 Doney Varghese


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