Topshare Global scam update

Joining Revshares on face value is risky and this is true with so many scams in 6 months in the Revshare industry.

Recent Scams including URS and TSG, two largest Revshares of 2016 are an eye opener. Those who thought that  TSG program will  last long and give great profits have been fooled many times.

Do your research and ground work before investing, don't just believe in some self-proclaimed industry leaders who talk big about this and that Rev share and disappear once the Rev Share program scams.

Top share Global is still fresh in mind. They have scammed it, no one even thought that they are going to scam in 1 month.

Sarath and Doney very cleverly planned this scam much before they made Topshare live. Sarath gave interviews to the industry leaders in Revshare world, this was the first step to ensure people coming in to the site and register with them, In no time they had thousands of members registered with them, Another part of the scam is to win the confidence of people by introducing 100% Refund plan to the Rev share.


Sarath Vavachan :

Doney Varghese :

Now as few of the members who wanted to teach them a lesson filed complaints with the police and CBI's economic offence wing, Sarath came to know about it a few days back as he was active on Facebook and TSG's facebook group.


He immediately deactivated his facebook account while Doney is still on facebook.


Messages for Sarath Vavachan and Doney Varghese : Guys, Respect and trust are precious human qualities and to earn these people spend years but to loose these a single bad conduct is enough. Hope you understand the importance of reputation of a person in the business world, when this gets tainted you know the consequences.

Sarath Vavachan absconding and his Facebook account deactivated as CBI's Economic offence wing started to track him

By : Admin| Company Name : Topshare Global| Title : Revshare-Hype-Internet marketing|Date : July 21,2016

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