Toward the path of enlightenment

To find the path of enlightenment one has to find the path of Buddha. Buddha said every man has the potential to become Buddha. When Gautama turned Buddha, he proved that every human is a reflection of God.
Buddha is the voice of the soul, it’s our enlightened self and the light of wisdom. Every day perhaps we get numerous chances to experience the Buddha in us but we only get slight glimpses as we are hit constantly with the thoughts of negativity. Sometimes lusts take us away from our inner Buddha while sometimes the yearnings, pangs of the heart, lovelorn solitude, failed love, desires of the mind and body, helpless remorse of the bereavement results into a life of deep emptiness. Those who feel this emptiness are inclined toward soul-searching, only they can experience the beauty of their self.
Happiness from all mundane affairs can never take us to the path of self-realization as we are prone to lose our spiritual essence through the cycles of lust, it does not mean that we should knowingly be unhappy. Those who never lose their human essence during happiness and sorrow can only reach the path of Buddha. Every compassionate soul witnesses the glory of Buddha and the marg (path) of devotion (bhakti) makes our spiritual journey fulfilling. Harmony, love and balance keep the soul happy and wholesome and without compassion no one can ever realize God.
The underlying directions of the Buddha are as follows:
Buddham saranam gachhami (Be always on the path of Buddha)
Sangham saranam gachhami (Follow the path of a commune)
Dharmam saranam gachhami (Follow the path of religion)
When we are on the path of Buddha, we receive the light of wisdom.
When we follow the path of the commune, we get a true direction toward Nirvana.
When we follow the path of Dharma or religion, we lead a life of spiritual fulfillment
Every human has the potential to become the Buddha when their paths are directed by religion and commune. Dharma or religion is our sense of right and wrong, our moral values and our compassionate attitude toward others. The most important reason we are deviated from the path of Buddha is due to the kind commune we follow and the commune we do not follow or find. Following a wrong commune resuts into deviation from the right path of the buddha.
Those who follow the three underlying principles of the Buddha are free from pain, sorrow, compulsions and rigidities of ritualistic religions. As long as we are good from our core, we have Buddha in us.
Written by Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Self-help| Date : November 20,2011

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