Transformation of US economy

It’s a world that is relying more and more on technology while the entire landscape of business has changed due to technological revolution. When it comes to technology revelution in US we know how google, Apple and Amazon have changed not only the business dynamics of the world but  also the ways we looked into technology and business in the past.

When it comes to development and progress in the east coast as well as west coast, in half a decade things have entirely changed. Lifestyles have changed with increase in wealth, People have become innovating and they are inspired by entrepreneurship. As a result there is prosperity all-round the corner. Internet of things (IOT), Self-driven cars, Uber Cabs, google fresh, Amazon products, electric cars are buzz-words in US. There are charging facilities for electric cars everywhere in California while self-driven cars will be rolled out in 2 years to catch up the market.

Asians and Anglo-Africans are now very successful as business leaders. Asians dominated most of the work places as high-paid executives while in the past they were looked upon as workhorses.

What has not changed is the notorious traffic of New Jersey, New York as well as the bad driving style of people out there. Most of the cities are so crowded that it is difficult to beat the traffic and find parking space. Cost of living has gone up badly. Having a 2-bed room apartment on rent may cost you not less than $3500 to $4000, in Indian Currency it is near to Rs.3 lac a month. While buying a decent 2-bed apartment may empty your savings as it may cost you between $10, 00,000 to $12, 00,000 and in Indian currency the amount is huge as 6-7 crore.



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