Trolling on internet and possessing child sexual content can take you to Jail

Possessing Child sexual content and harassing a child with such content is unlawful worldwide. Recently an Indian origin man from Mukesh Khawas of Pittsburgh was indicted by the federal jury for having the video of a sexual exploitation he did with a minor.

He may face 20 years in Jail and a fine of $765,000. Nothing is worse than child sexual abuse. Trolling on internet may cause severe punishment and fine.

Cybercrime worldwide has increased with higher usage of cell phones and social media so the work of the cyber police has increased many folds. In India alone there is a 40% rise in cybercrimes registered which caused more deployment of cyber cops as well as state of the art cybercrime co-ordination centers. Home ministry has planned to set up cyber control hub to tackle the increasing number of cases of trolling and child pornography.

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