TSG scam getting viral in Revshare world : Sarath

Dear Members of TSG,

I know like me most of you have lost money and moreover lost faith in the system of Revshare after TSG scam. As you all know that Sarath Vavachan and Doney Varghese have intentionally cheated thousands in the name of TSG do you think they can roam free?

Before I have my meeting with my friend from IB I got some more evidence against the two culprits.


I am attaching here the TSG registration, all of you might have that with you but to make it handier for the Interpol let me attach the images here.


The registration is in Arabic, Someone needs to translate that, those who can read and understand Arabic can help us.

Now Doneys local number and his UAE number are attached here for all your convenience.

Moreover its a clear case of scam we all know; there are thousands of people invested in the system from India and abroad. If the scammers think they can run away with all the money, they are mistaken.

Interesting fact is that the co-admins who were kicked out before the scam actually took place are with us, they were also scammed. The co-admins are none other than,

https://www.facebook.com/reni.yohannan  (Reni Varghese) and https://www.facebook.com/rajul.gour.77 ( Rajul Gour). Surely they will help us in getting Sarath and Doney come out of their hide-out.

Hope this content helps us.

I suggest all Indian investors should either contact the crime branch of their jurisdiction; you can get their details from the web.

Now its time for action, Mission Sarath and Doney should go on till their arrest.


By Dipti Prasad Padhi


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