Two minor girls gang rape shamed the capital city Delhi

How would I name the gang rape of two minor girls in Delhi? Does the word brutality rightly fit to the incident that happened?

What would you say when a 2 and half year girl get gang raped in Delhi's Nangloi?  How can some people become so barbaric? What charges of Indian Penal code should be labeled? Even death sentence is less for the kind of brutal crime these rapists committed.

This little girl was abducted by few men on a motorbike from outside her home. Some people found the girl unconscious inside a park, she was bleeding profusely.As per source she was abducted while watching Ramlila outside her home.

In a similar incident a 5 year old girl was brutally gang raped by 3 individuals’ identified as her neighbors later. The incident took place in Delhi’s Anand Vihar Area.

These twin incidents of Gang rapes tormented the city and further raised a question mark if Delhi’s is still the same rape capital of India.

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