U phone Salaxy Best 2015

Much awaited U phone Salaxy Best 2015 was formally launched by Banana Inc. Soon it is going to be launched on selected retail stores. This phone comes with a cost of Rs. 9, 99,900. It has display on the battery and not on the screen unlike other smart phones. It will have two color variants such as parrot green and extra yellow.

This phone can be used as a power source like an inverter of your home.  Another amazingly feature contains 99 mega-pixel side, rear, front and bottom cameras. It also comes with a CCTV camera. This phone claims as the “world’s first unbreakable phone” unlike other phone brands with dust, water and scratch free features.

It also has a special feature called “muffler magic” which helps in alerting cops, recording videos automatically and also uploaded on YouTube. But this feature is available for 49 times after that you have to be a detective yourself.

Tim chef, CEO of Banana Inc. said, it has all the basic features and nothing unique and it also makes mockery of customers who wait for months for their high-end phones.

By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Product and service Review| Sub Category : Mobile|Date : December 26,2014

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