Uber cab rape case in New Delhi

Another incidence of rape in Delhi has created uproar in the nation once again. Remember that in 2012 a heinous case of rape later named “Nirbhaya rape case” which shook the entire country. As per the figure released by the National crime records Bureau, everyday about 4 incidents of rapes are reported.


In that recent incidence of rape on December 5 the woman from finance firm from Gurgaon leaves office at 7 Pm and goes to the Pub in cyber Hub pub Gurgaon with friends. At 9 Pm she went to another Pub in Vasant Vihar and took food and drinks. At 10 am she books a Cab through her smart phone and books a cab from Uber. At 10.30 the can turns up and she boards towards her Inderlok home in North Delhi.

On her way she falls asleep and woke up when the driver of the cab tried to molest her at the back seat and the car was found in a desolate place. When she attempted to shout the driver pressed her mouth and threatened her to kill with arod. She then gets raped by the driver and the driver threatened her not to talk about it with anyone or else she will be killed. Before raping the driver slaps her few times. The whole incidence took between 11 to 12.30am.


The driver then drops her near her home at 1 PM and went away after threatening her to stab her if she reports to the police. Before leaving her the driver took away her phone and made a call from her mobile and said now her number is with her and if she tries to inform about the rape to anyone he will kill him.

Around 1.25 am the girl calls the police and informs about the incidence. Police today detained a cabbie from Mathura who was later released as he was found not the same cabbie who raped the girl. Uber suspended the cab driver and told the police that they will help the police in their investigation to nab the rapist.


By Dipti Prasad Padhi

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