Uber cab rape case

Shiv kumar Yadav, 32 who allegedly raped a a 25-year-old executive working with a global tax consultancy and advisory firm in Delhi is a repeat offender. Yadav was arrested in 2006 under Arms act and Goonda Act had also been slaped on him.


Yadav had raped a mainpuri girl in 2013, arrested and later released on bail. In 2011 he was accused of raping a bar dancer from a bar in Sahara Mall. He spent 7 months in Tihar jail on the same case and later released on bail. This is the third rape case against him which brought him to public limelight. Yadav has been a habitual sex offender who was arrested first in 2003 for allegedly molesting and sexually assaulting a minor girl aged 21 from his village Ramnagar village under Elau police station. Shiv Kumar Yadav has several such incidents in his name.


In 2013 he raped a Nagla Saar village girl whose family members have still been wounded and upon hearing about the recent rape case they recollected the horrible incident that their daughter suffered due to Yadav. As per the father of the victim village girls were scared by Yadav and they were told not to move out of their houses after dusk. Yadav has been lucky to get escaped both in 2011 and 2013.

As the news of Yadav’s arrest came to be known in their village Ram Nagar village under Elau police station in Mainpuri district parents of Yadav locked themselves in their home and expressed their anguish and shock while the girls and women distributed sweets in the village.  

Accused Yadav of Uber has been disowned by his family. His father Ramnath, a retired school headmaster suffers deep shame whenever they hear their son’s misdeed. While his mother does not even want to hear his mother’s name. Shiv kumar is a high school dropout and from his teenage year he got into bad company. His brother died in 2010 and after that he married to his brother’s widow.

People like Shiv Kumar Yadav not only spoil lives of innocent girls but also they ruin lives of their own family members, these repeat offenders should be given stringent punishment so that no would do such crime.

Center banned uber in Delhi and instructed other state govts and NCTS to ban the web based cab service providers like Uber. As per the central Govt all the app-based Cab service providers have to obtain license from the respective state Govts. Ban on the App-based service provider companies will remain till these cab companies will not obtain license from the govt and regulate their working procedure to ensure safety of passengers.

National policy on cab service highlights the below guidelines for cabs operating in Delhi NCR

1.      Operators have to obtain valid license from government and operating license should be valid for 5 years subject to renewal.

2.      Office within the jurisdiction of the license authority as per new guidelines, office details to be submitted to the license authority if they do not fall under the office jurisdiction

3.      Registered offices have to have reception area, cloak room, sanitary blocks and administrative section.

4.       Operators should have maintenance and parking areas for their cabs

5.      Should have a 24 7 phone line

6.       Minimum fleet size of 50 cabs

For cabs operating in Delhi

1.      Cabs should be GPS enabled

2.      Should run on CNG

3.      Driver must have a Delhi license

4.      No criminal record of drivers

5.      To maintain a register of details of drivers working

6.      In case of change in office address operator should inform license authority

7.      Should maintain a compliant register and in every 3 days complaints should go to the authority

8.      Operators should possess enough parking space

9.      Should have control room enabled with radio communication and 10 phone lines


10.   Fleet size of 500 within one year of starting operation


By Dipti Prasad Padhi

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