Uber Cabs banned after the rape

US online Taxi service Uber is now banned from operating in Indian states. With Immediate effect Uber’s operation is banned in Delhi and NCR followed by the rape of a Delhi Girl in the cab by Uber’s Taxi Driver Shiv Kumar Yadav. Shiv kumar Yadav was arrested in Mathura which is 160 kilometers from Delhi. The girl who works in a Gurgaon based Tax and consultancy Firm. Victim’s family after hearing the shocking news flocked to the capital city to see her daughter. Upon asking about the Girl’s condition her father said she is under normal condition and she will soon come out of it. As per the father this incidence could have happened to anyone as the city has become such an unsafe place for women. The girl has been in normal condition and constantly in touch with the police. Life will surely come to normal for the brave girl.

Meanwhile police interrogated the Taxi Driver who admitted that he has committed the crime. As per him he committed a mistake and shown no such repent. The 32-year Shiv Kumar Yadav is married with two daughters. Uber’s top officials already expressed concern and wanted to help the police in their investigation.

The irony here is that without verification Uber hired the driver who already had been sentenced for rape 3 year’s back for similar incident in Mehrauli. In 2011 Shiv Kumar Yadav raped a girl who would work at a bar in Gurgaon. The Girl hired a cab from outside Sahara Mall after work at around 3.30 am. On the way the driver drove the car towards a farm house in Mehrauli where she raped the girl. A case was registered under section 376. Unfortunately he got freed after serving a 7 month jail term.

Even though the sentences for rape have got stringent rapists seem to have no fear of law and order. Even death penalty for repeated offenders has not stopped the criminals from committing such heinous crime like rape.

Thomson Reuters Foundation poll confirmed India as the fourth most dangerous place for women while the second most dangerous country on safety of women at night as well as sexual harassment. In Delhi alone 40 cases against women comes to police everyday while 4 cases of rape are reported every day. Most of the cases of rape in moving cabs are committed by drivers who migrate from less developed parts nearby Delhi and they have not accustomed to see women travelling at night as well as they do not carry a good image of girls wearing modern attires.


 By Dipti Prasad Padhi



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