Unfreedom - A movie which lost it

Debut film maker Raj Kumar Amit, based in Florida has got a nagging face-off with the Indian Censor board when his finished work, “Unfreedom” was rejected by all three comittes of Indian censor board, such as  — the Examining Committee, the Revising Committee, and even the Film Certification Appellate Tribunal.

What next is left for Raj Kumar Amit ? A legal recourse of course. Raj Kumar is going to take this matter to the High Court. As per kumar censor board has no right reject a movie and dictate terms for film makers on what film to make and not.

Unfreedom starring Adil Hussain and Victor Banerjee is a thriller where Kumar has portrayed a lesbian love story and some side of Islamic terrorrism. Censor board of India has rejected the movie on the base of it’s nudity, love-maiking scenes. Byond that the board feels that the love between the two protagnists who belong to two different religion- Hindu and Muslim may ignite a nation wise agitation as well as it is not in a mood to promote love between two same-sex couple, what we call gay or lesbian. Censor board has strong reason of not promoting something that can cause unnatural passions. Byeond these resaons it is very well understood that we live in a world of taboos. Taboos were there long before there was no film industry and taboos are to remain for long. The famous king Alexander was a gay while some of the finest artists and writers and ploticians and business people admitted themselves as gay or lesbian. Nature creats all of us diffrently. Accepting what is given in us is nothing but truth, hence there’s no point stopping a fim from getting released. At least give a chance to the audience to know about a story that has got a messgae to communicate.


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