US UK forces end operation in Afganistan

US and UK forces handed over the massive military base to the Afgan military and police. US marine force and UK combat troops have all set to leave for their respective countries leaving the massive military base to the Afgans.


US and UK are the two mighty nations that have taken oath to fight against terrorism of any kind. Since 2010 troops of both UK and US started to accumulate in Helmand province, one of the worst affected Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan. About 1,40,000 forces came to control taliban militants and insurgency.


Most recent international troops in Afghanistan are 4,500. Out of the 1,40,000 forces rest have gone home after completing their tasks. Camp leatherneck is the largest military base for the coalition to be handed over to the Afgan control. British forces withdrew the adjacent Camp Bastion at the same time.

By : | Category : News| Sub Category : International News|Date : October 26,2014

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