Valentine's Day amid love and intimacy

It has been a truth that during the valentine month we see a sharp rise in the sale of sexual well-ness products including condoms and contraceptives, flowers, toys, cards, and chocolates. Thanks to the lovers for making this month special.

Love has its colors and shades, its expressions range from physical. Emotional and spiritual or the reverse but love is something that gives an enriching power to heal unseen wounds while its physical expressions biologically helps the lovers in getting bonded.

It is rightly said that if you truly love someone you experience him/her very close to you even you are miles away. Is love a pain killer? Yes for many it works as a pain killer and as per a study thinking about your lover or even watching his/her picture increases the oxytocin level.Oxytocin is known as the natural pain killer of the body.


Attractions are more physical. It is physical beauty and attributes that draw one towards the other. As per a study 90 sec to 4 minutes are enough to get infatuated by someone. Eye contacts are the most important parts of the game, more yours eyes contact each other more the chances of love. Eyes are the mirrors of our soul, so beware of eyes; you may fall in love with someone.

Valentine day that is celebrated during 14th of Feb every year is a special and memorable day for love birds while lovers should also apply caution when they try to consummate their love, it is because condom sales go highest during valentine day while pregnancy tests go hand in hand afterwards.

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