Value of Relationship in life

We get into relations with others by destiny or by design. Newborn babies feel safe, happy when they are with their parents. Children are like mirror images of their parents. When they are little they emotionally feel secure and safe and always try to cling to their parents. Slowly they get familiar and comfortable with other members of their family, relatives and acquaintances. This is process of evolvement of children, Hence relation between parents and their children is a sacred bonding. Everyone in this world should realize that they are related to their parents by destiny. They should always respectful and obedient to their parents and at the same time we all should realize that as we grow young they also grow old, during their old age they need our special care and love. It is said in the scriptures that no one can repay the debt that they owe to their parents. Folks understand that. We all understand the value of parenthood when we become a parent.

As we grow we understand how important our parents were as they helped us grow, Think about thousands of children who are bereaved from their parents. If you think of it you may get scared to hell. Just look at thousands of minor children who work in the streets as bonded workers or beggars in the developing countries or the 3rd world countries. Be kind to them those who are helpless, If you can’t do anything in cash you can always do something in kind. For instance there are strict laws in India against child labor, at least if you find children working as laborers do report to the police or you can establish contact with your city NGOs who are active in a cause like protecting children from social harassments. Even there are thousands of children looking for parents to adopt them. These bereaved children really need a helping hand, they need parents and this is their right. They have every right to have a good life. We people should come forward and adopt a child if possible. This way we can do well to ourselves and find great spiritual satisfaction. This is for those who are really capable of adopting, giving name and a good life to a child and not for those who are still not ready mentally or capable in raising a child from outside.

By design we get related to others as friends, as a lover, as a life partner, as business partners and so on. Every relation needs nurturing and care. Be careful while you form a relationship and if you have it in your life you should know how to develop a boding and how to make this relation special.

By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Relationship| Date : March 04,2014

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