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Vastu is perhaps the oldest science as astrology, if it is said astrology is very ancient perhaps three thousand years old then vastu may be older than that. My understanding about Vastu is more toward its harmonizing aspects. Direction, place, latitude and longitude are considered in metaphysical science of astrology where as vastu has no exception. Why people have so much to delve deeper to understand some of the simple techniques of vastu to restore harmony at their homes is a matter of great debate. Does it really work ? If it did not work then could have extinct long back. It has been working so we lay faith in its work. If someone says to you that Vastu can bring instant money, riches and joy in your life… you may not believe but yes if you have faith then all the techniques of Vastu will work like magic. So are you prepared to assimilate some of the vastu tips to enhance the harmony of your home.. Do it right away… there is no harm in applying some of the vastu principles. Lets see how vastu for your bedroom works


1. Bedroom is a fond place of your house if  i am not wrong, you can relate it how special it is for you. Above all it gives you sleep, i bet you can not sleep well in any other place except your cozy bedroom. Am i not right ? Yes I am


Even a bit of disturbance can disturb your sleep and when you go through disturbed sleep you wake up with slight headache and dullness. In vastu it is believed that direction of our head creates disturbed sleep while a little change in the direction can take you way away from disturbed sleep. Just make sure that your head should point toward south direction coz having the head toward north is considered as bed omen and pulls all the positive energy away from you place, even the head towards north is considered unlucky, so its better to stick to the south direction and keep our head direction toward south.


2. While constructing the house ensure that the main bedroom should be on the south direction, if it was already fully furnished house keep it simple that you bed should point toward south and your head should be pointing southward


3. It is mostly advised that your bedroom should take shape of a square or a rectangle as it is believed that shapes of your house enhance your prosperity while any irregular shape may bring bad luck


4. If reading is your hobby then the bookshelf in your bedroom should either be on the west or southwest corner


5. Door of your bedroom should open fully as the door opens fully it allows the rays of goodness, positive energy, good luck and opportunities to your home and in turn to your life


6. Decorate your bedroom with things of serenity, pictures of beauty and peace as you enter your bedroom you should have a feeling of great peace and tranquility.


7. There should not be any mirror or dressing table with mirror just opposite to your bedroom as it may disturbs your sleep, as the mirror is replica to your self it should not capture you in it


8. It is also suggested not to keep idols of God in your bedroom as we believe that the place of God is in our pooja room but here i beg to differ God can be kept anywhere as long as you have faith.If you are a spiritual soul then you may keep serene avtar pictures of God


9. What is the color of your bedroom ? It should ideally be blue, green and off-white as they do not spread flashiness, bright colors are required in your study room then the question arises if you like to read in your bedroom and you have a habit of reading before you retire then what ? May be you need to judge for yourself


10. No aquarium in your bedroom please ! It is believed that it may create material problems


11. Your master bedroom should be constructed on the southwest angle while the other bedrooms should either be east or north side of master bedroom


These vastu tips may only work when your room is very clean, a cluttered bedroom takes away all good energies, hence keep your place clean and our earth green.


Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Astrology| Date : November 05,2011

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