Kartike Kanwar


Kartike Kanwar who now runs http://www.cryptocurrencycare.com is a big time fraud.

One of the big scammer who resides in New Delhi and hails from Chandigarh. In the name of ADCN coin or power hashing MLM schemes he cheated thousands, with all the money that he scammed from public, now he is planning to do similar sort of scam through this new site cryptocurrencycare.

He deleted several of his videos from Youtube where he promoted ADCN coin and power hashing, now with those money he is planning something mischievous to cheat others.
Cryptocurrency care is nothing but his new website through which he will first start trapping new people who may not have known him, then he will run some coin mining program and then finally he will scam all. They have a gang of scammers who cheated several thousand people through their ADCN MLM scheme, they had an organization called power hashing, overnight they closed all their whereabouts and now in the name of http://www.cryptocurrencycare.com they will scam people.

Beware of Kartike Kanwar and his team.



By : Admin| Company Name : Kartike Kanwar| Title : Revshare-Hype-Internet marketing|Date : July 09,2017

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