Kartike Kanwar from a property broker to ADCN,asiadigicoin crypto Scammer

 Kartike Kanwar gained notoriety from asiadgicoin, Adcn scam, upon  profile verification, our team found that he was a property broker. Property brokers in India are seen as common scammers,

so it was their in him from beginning. Overnight he became a crypto coach and seen promoting asiadigicoin, adcn MLM plan. Wow what a transition from a property broker to a crypto scammer.




Everyone knows how he promised about high return on mined coins, how he boasted that asiadigicoin will be 200 dollar and more in no time, how he asked people not to sell adcn coins so that he and his core team can sell and take away the money put by investors.

Kartike Kanwar, Abhishek Bhandari, Amit Jaiswal lured people in the name of high return from asiadigicoin, ADCN MLM schemes run by their organization power hashing, They used hold various meets across countries to lure people into their scam plans, Lot of people fell in trap. They successfully scammed thousands of investors through their fraud scheme. 


Later part is power hashing, asiadigicoin, ADCN crumbled sooner as they stopped giving investors their committed mined coins, as well as Kartike told everyone through his Youtube videos to hold the coins, later everyone knew that while investors were holding their coins, Kartike and team used to sell them to earn high profit.

Guys it was an epic example of Crypto currency scam happened in the near past after OneCoin scam in India. 


By : Admin| Company Name : Asia Digicoin| Title : Revshare-Hype-Internet marketing|Date : July 15,2017

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