Vinod khanna Horoscope

Vinod Khanna was born in 6th October 1946.

Time of Birth: 9.13 Pm as per birth time correction.

Place of Birth: Peshawar, Pakistan

Vinod Khanna was considered as one of the most romantic film stars of yesteryears,

His ascendant is Taurus, a Venusian sign of beauty and stubbornness having Rahu in it. Rahu, The north node of moon gets it exaltation in Taurus. In Taurus rahu behaves more like venus and magnifies Venusian attributes of beauty, wealth and comforts and to notice here rahu has got the graha drishti of venus from scorpio. Venus along with ketu from 7th house aspects the lagna, own house of venus and Rahu placed there in. Venus along with ketu in 7th house is unwanted especially in matters of matrimonial life because ketu being a planet of detachment when joins venus, the karaka of marital life or love life makes one detached in the matter of conjugal life.

A strong ascendant with an exalted Rahu signified here that Vinod Khana was born in a rich family. Except Rahu and Ketu not a single planet is in its exaltation, own sign or moola trikona. Three planets such as mercury, Jupiter and mars are in 6th house of conflicts, diseases, routine work, and debt. You may wonder how he achieved success in film industry. Planets which are in 6th from Lagna are 9th from Arudha Lagna as well as Varnada Lagna and this tells how these planets in place of doing bad bestowed luck. Venus and ketu are placed in 10th from AL gives a clue to how he excelled in film industry.

Vinod khanna has a strange life when it comes to his choice, life path, and life’s ups and down, married life and spirituality. He was born in a business family and his father wanted him to run family business while he was more inclined to Hindi film industry. Against the wish of his father he joined hindi film industry and got success from the first film he acted in. He married his college time girlfriend Geetanjali as soon as he become a film star and the marriage did not last longer when he followed Osho to such an extent that he left his everything including family.

He debuted 1968 in Man Ka Meet and in no time he was in the center stage of fame.

1971–1982: He has been very successful during this time.

1982–1986: He took Sanyas from film industry and family during this period. He became a seeker.

1987: He came back to film industry

1990 : He married Kavita.

Why the first marriage broke: 

Mars placed in the 7th from Navamsha Lagna

UL has moon: signified a beautiful wife while 2nd from UL is aspected by Mercury,Mars, Jupiter as well as Saturn. Saturn is 7th from Dara Karaka (DK). 2ND from UL is 7th from Karakamsha and aspected by both good and bad planets hence his first marriage did not sustain more than 14 years. His Dk is in the 12th house (loss) with Rahu, a planet of separation. His DKN is cancer and Saturn is placed in there. As you see the malefic influence on the marriage related houses and planets resulted in early divorce. It lingered for 14 years because Jupiter has it sign as well as planetary aspect on the 2nd from UL. But other negative factors in the horoscope outweighed the Jupiter’s aspect and here Jupiter is his 8th lord of death and disaster so Jupiter even could not do much good. Had he been the lord of some auspicious house he would have protected the marriage.

But the 2nd marriage has been successful because UL2 is in leo. 2nd marriage and its sustenance are seen from the 8th house from UL. UL2 has no planet and its lord sun is in the 2nd from UL2.  There is no benefic and malefic aspect on the 2nd from UL2; hence the 2nd marriage is protected.

1968: During Aquarius Dasha and Virgo sub period he got his first break. From Virgo the 10th house has Graha Drishti of Sun, his Amatya Karaka. It Was Rahu-Mars period when he got to fame.

During Jupiter Dasha he rose to success and fame very quickly as Jupiter is 8th lord as well as 11th lord, Jupiter gave sudden rise ( status, money, luck) and sudden fall 8th house ( sudden fall ) due to its placement in 6th house with 12th ( meditation, seclusion )  and 7th (wife and partners ) lord Mars. During Mars Sub-period he got separated and it continued till the end of Rahu Dasha.

When Saturn dasa came he came back to home and resumed film industry once again, Saturn is his 10th lord and hence he once again got employment. Saturn placed in 3rd house of performing art tells about a much disciplined actor.

Besides Parashara Raj Yogas he is also bestowed with yogada formed by moon, Mars, Jupiter, venus and Saturn with respect to Ghati Lagna, Hence it tells about his power, authority and fame. He not only got fame and power from his reel characters he played in several hindi movies, late on he also became a member of Indian Parliament.

Astro Analysis Written by Dipti Prasad Padhi

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