Vladimir Putin Horoscope by Date of Birth

 Vladimir Putin, President of Russia is the most powerful person in the world. He has been active in politics since 1999 till now. Having the reigns of Russia since 18 plus year is what bestows him with all the power and authority. CNN in one of its article published that Vladimir Putin is the richest man in the world having more than $200 Billion as net worth.

As this article is about a short analysis of Putin’s horoscope, let’s find out what really made him the most powerful and the richest in the world.

Famous astrologer Claude Weiss rectified his time of birth in 2000 and it perfectly matches with his life events to a good extent.

Date 7 October 1952 at 16:10 (= 4:10 PM )

Place St.Petersburg, RU, 59n55, 30e15

Timezone MSK h3e (is standard time)

Mainly during the end of Jupiter Dasha and beginning of Saturn Dasha he came into the limelight of the entire world and became the president of Russia. Since then he never looked back. As per his vedic horoscope his lagna is Sagittarius with mars in it, it shows a man of fiery personality and dominating. 2nd house has Rahu and 8th house has Ketu. Rahu ketu in 2nd-8th axis may indicate towards an uncomfortable family life prior to 1985, between 1967-1985. 

There is an exchange of Lagna lord and 4th lord with 5th lord and 12th lord forming a Raj Yog.  Jupiter is in the 5th house which is also the lagna and 4th house lord.  Moon, the lord of 8th house in 6th house forming Viparit Raj Yoga. 10th house has Saturn and Sun and Neptune. It’s close conjunction between Saturn, 2nd and 3rd lord and Sun 9th lord. Generally, Sun Saturn conjunctions make one famous and successful after initial years of hard work but it also shows separation from father due to design or destiny in some way or the father might have passed away early making the native bereaved from fatherly love.

Venus and mercury are in the 11th house of gains and fulfilment of wishes, and mercury happens to be the 7th and 10th lord placed with Venus, 6th and 11th lord. It’s a clear wealth yoga.

Look at mars 5th from AL, 2nd from AL has Saturn and Sun which has aspect to AL11. AL3 has strong Venus and Mercury and AL6 has Rahu. Perfect for a powerful politician having a lot of muscle and power to hit enemies hard as well as capable of amassing power and wealth.


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