Warren Buffet’s India trip

Warren Buffet, the richest of the rich has made his presence here in India on his mission Giving Pledge while he feels he has come to India late, yes i feel Mr. Buffet you have come to India too late but its not too late indeed. If you had come a decade earlier you might have felt how much growth in different sectors have been witnessed. Post globalised India witnessed massive growth in terms of technology, industry and knowledge, exchange of knowledge and knowhow but the irony is that growth remained limited to only the handful of people while majority are still under the line of poverty, corruption is rampant and philanthropy is zero indeed. What remains is our great culture, heritage, our rich history, our philosophy, yoga and all. If Warren Buffet has come here for only philanthropy he may get little in his kiity for philanthropy account but if he has business at the back of the mind he may get ample scope and avenues, I think at 80 warrent is doing a great job visiting places, changing hearts of the rich and in a way persuading them toward social contribution. Bravo ! But i feel he should take a moment's break from all these maya and find peace of mind.

Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Business and Economy| Date : November 07,2011

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