Warren Buffett Horoscope Analysis


Warren Buffett Date of Birth: Saturday, August 30, 1930

Warren Buffett’s Time of Birth: 15:00:00

Warren Buffett’s Place of Birth: Omaha

Net Worth: $72.7 B, warren stands as the 3rd among the top 10 billonair list 2015. Warren Buffet's main source of income is through investment. Let's analyse his birth chart for more clarity on how he went on to become the world's topmost billionair.Warren's ascendent has Saturn. Saggitarius is his Lagna and jupiter the Lagna Lord is positioned in 7th house (partnership, alliance, business) with Mars (5th and 12th Lord).At first instance you may see it as a RajBhang yog ( cancellation of prosperity) but if that was the case he would not have turned out to be the richest man in the world. I can interpret here in simplest explanation by saying Mars as a lord of 5th (speculation) and 12th (expenses) placed in 7th house of business tells that he will spend/park or invest his money and speculative businesses. His 2nd and 3rd lord in Birth chart is Saturn is placed in the 1st house and aspect/oppose the 7th house also explains that he himself is very much interested in daring business decisions, take-overs, buy-outs through his resources both knowledge, acumen and money of course.

Sun, the Karaka or significator of father is his 9th lord and placed in its own house Leo in 9th house from Lagna which indicates that he was born to a rich father who has been lucky throughout his life. 9th house is a house of luck as per Vedic astrology.

Venus (6th lord of routine work, health, enemy, conflict, disease, debts is also co-owns 11th house of income and gain) is placed in the 10th house along with mercury (7th and 10th lord ). Venus the main karaka of material prosperity, luxury, comforts of life, relationship with spouse and females is in virgo, debility of venus. Venus is also debilitated in Navamsa. Venus’s debilitation is Rasi chart is cancelled in both Rasi and Navamsa giving rise to Nicha Bhanga Raja yoga.

Venus and mercury are placed in the AL, Arudha lagna while 12th  from Arudha Lagna has Sun in its own house, Sun has netrual relation with mercury while ketu aspects the 12th house but it has no good relationship with Sun, hence there will be less expenses and expenses will be more towards Government Taxes.

He runs a company called, “Berkshire Hathaway Inc” a conglomerate company that owns GEICO, BNSF, Lubrizol, Dairy Queen, Fruit of the Loom, Helzberg Diamonds, FlightSafety International, and NetJets, owns half of Heinz and an undisclosed percentage of Mars, Incorporated,

Most of these companies do business in Travel, retail, Transport, food, restaurant, chemical while GEICO deals in automobile insurance. Now interesting moon, AL11 aspects its own house cancer. That tells about his profitable source of income. Moon is placed in 7th from the Hora lagna while it aspects the 11th from Arudha Lagna.

Interesting thing to note in his chart is a debilitated Atma karaka venus in both Rasi and Navamsa chart. It is said that of AK is debilitated that person may suffer a lot in life, but it does not hold true here. Hora Lagna and Planets associated with it and 7th from it tells about wealth. His 7th lord from HL joins Jupiter and HL lord is venus which is also the Atma Karaka and conjoins Mercury. He has not been doing much with the HL- HL7 wealth signifying planets except Moon which is placed in 7th from HL.

Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi




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