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In 2nd-Century Britain, two men master and slave, venture beyond the edge of the known world on a dangerous and obsessive quest that will push them beyond the boundaries of loyalty and betrayal, friendship and hatred, deceit and heroism. In 140 AD, the Roman Empire extends all the way to Britain  though its grasp is incomplete, as the rebellious tribes of Caledonia (today's Scotland) hold sway in the far North. Marcus Aquila arrives in Britain, determined to restore the tarnished reputation of his father, Flavius Aquila. It was 20 years earlier that Rome's 5,000-strong Ninth Legion, under the command of Flavius and carrying their golden emblem, the Eagle of the Ninth, marched north into Caledonia. They never returned; Legion and Eagle simply vanished into the mists. Angered, the Roman Emperor Hadrian ordered the building of a wall to seal off the territory. Hadrian's Wall became the northernmost frontier of the Roman Empire the edge of the known world. Driven to become a brilliant soldier and now given command of a small fort in the southwest, Marcus bravely leads his troops during a siege.

The Eagle film,Drama-War. This film will be a good movie will be shown on February 11, 2011.You have option to watch The Eagle 2011, watch it online free movie or in local movie houses. The Eagle 2011 is a film of the 1954 historical adventure novel The Eagle of the Ninth by Rosemary Sutcliff. The Eagle centers a young Roman centurion which want to uncover the truth about the disapearance of his father legion. Along with his travel the centurion Marcus Aquila brings British slave,Escala with him. Beyond Hadrian's Wall into Caledonia he must confront the pictish tribes to recover the legion's eagle standard and for his father to restore his fathers reputation. The Eagle free full online stream

The Eagle Story The story tells about a centurion Marcus Aquila (Channing Tatum) and with his Scottish slave Esca (Jamie Bell). As they search out the reason of Marcus father disappearance and the Ninth Legion in the mountains of Scotland. Marcus is determined to restore the tarnished reputation of his father even though they have to pass the dangerous highlands of Scotland. Soon Marcus realized that everything that happen to his father has a connection to his own slave's identity and loyalty.

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