Way to cut stress



Why we are stressed ?

Stress kills millions every year. Reason is the inability to fight stress.

Is not it we live in constant stress ? We are indeed ! Stress is caused by various reasons ranging from heart breaks to financial worries but why it is so danagrous ? Do you know stress can make your heart weak and too much release of

Reasons are just excuses to invite trouble, if this is true why not bust our day to day stress by following a few health regimens

It is advisable to take deep breaths in order to oxygenate the body fully while by releasing the air slowly we lengthen the time of exhalation and this is almost a processand this process lengthens life

Just do as much aerobic exercises you can put into your health regimen. Walking for half an hour on a treadmill can cut stress dramatically and if you do not have a treadmill just go for a walk in the evening or morning. Walking is the best exercise indeed.

Go to a Gym if you can at least 4 times a week and physical exhaustion due to work-out is always good for the health as it generates quality sleep and makes the mind healthy. It is said in a healthy body lives a healthy mind while a healthy mind constantly seeks a healthy body.


Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Health & Science| Date : December 01,2011

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