What issues Aaamaadmi party should highlight

AAP has touched the hearts of millions of general public. Who are the general public ? There is a fact that 99% of all the wealth is owned by 1% of the world population. In-equal wealth distribution has made this world a place of disparity, discrimination and poverty.


I who belong to a middle class family can feel the pain of the middle class as well as the poor. Most of the time a question comes to my mind is why we most of the time become helpless in fighting our poverty, corruption when we know that this country has no dearth of funds.


We who have been working in private organizations know very well that the entry level and mid level employees are exploited in the form of less salary, less increments, perks and at the end of the year their yearly salary income is subject to tax. Whatever tax money that the honest countrymen pay has never been utilized. In USA and UK or other western countries people pay 40% Tax over their income and in return they get benefits like free medical, free schooling for children, quality education as well as unemployment benefits and there are several such facilities. In India big industries and corporates know the tricks of Tax evasion. There are kick-backs given to officials, politicians and these privileged people with power get lots of lots of money from every nook and corner. Their hefty swiss bank accounts are just an testimony that they are the real frauds of the country as they know that their black money is safe in swiss accounts and not in Indian accounts. These people know how to use hawala and promote hawala trade for their benefits. People who are honest in this country are subject to sufferings.


There are several politicians and corrupt industrialists who have no love for the country and countrymen. Power and money is everything for them and they can go to any extent to gain power and money. If we are talking about industries we should take not only Ambani's but also many other institutions under scanner. Even the multinationals that are in mining have made false commitments to the people of that state while in return they have been cheated.


There was massive coal scam where even the prime minister of India came under the scanner, 2g scam, Common wealth scam are few of the scams we may remember as these hit the headlines sometimes back while there are many scams which go unnoticed as people in power allow these to happen for their own intrest. Mafia in every sector is active say it coal,land,sand and many more. Do we think mafiaraj is possible without Govt's approval to it.


There are so many other issues I woould like to discuss them one by one.

By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Politics| Date : February 27,2014

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