What money can change

Money may not change the mind of a miserly man to bring generosity to his heart nor can malign the beauty of a saintly man, as the qualities we carry along with us define the flow of our lives; therefore, money may change the standard of your life by adorning you with the material comforts, but it may not change the standard of your thought process, karma, your mind and its sensitivity. If the character of miserliness is fixed in your mind then you cannot all on a sudden become a philanthropist?
Money may not bring someone’s true love and affection, but it can fetch one fake respect and admiration of others. Yes it’s true when we are aware of having the kind of relation with our so-called well-wishers, friends and even family. A penniless beggar has no well-wisher or friend except god as he has no money. Most relations take shape with the power and influence of money while they crumble with the loss of power, influence and money.
Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi
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