What more money can do

Money can bring one many contacts or influential links with its allure, influence and power and luster but only by one’s true intentions, goodwill and trustworthiness these contacts mature into true and sincere relationships. We also hear about and experience how sometimes the so-called contacts or links betray.
Money can make one feel conceited and famous in the world where he lives as the human character is designed in such a way that we easily get egoistic and conceited with easy money flow, but it may not make a rich miser lovable. It often happens that we may without will pretend to be respectful of others who have power, influence and authority but do we truly respect and love them from the heart.
we should remember that all worldly possessions can only fill the voids or blanks of someone’s mind by fulfilling his emotions attached to these possessions but cannot fill up the voids of one’s soul, as the flashes of light that fills the voids of one’s soul comes from his inner wisdom, spiritual awakening and through the resurrection of the saintly inner being from the depths of one’s sprit.
Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi
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