What more you know about Bananas?

You may know that potassium, vitamin C, magnesium is found in Bananas. Apart from that Bananas are rich in vitamin B, iodine, iron, selenium and zinc. These vitamins and minerals found in Bananas are highly beneficial as health supplements.

Bananas are tastier due to its sweetness and flavor. These can be included in breakfast as well as you can have these during anytime of the day. Apart from its rich nutritional benefits do you know that Banana plants are used to make Yarn and paper? Banana stem, trunk, flowers, fruit can be cooked and served as delicious food.



Bananas are grown in 107 countries and have majorly 5 varieties such as Scarlet Banana, Blue Banana, Pink Banana, Snow Banana and False Banana.

Wine or beer made of Bananas is known as delicious alcoholic Beverages. 

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