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Poetry means diffrent to diffrent people, some people drag them to their thrash box while some people keep these special words to memory, it depends upon how refined a person is, hence poetry is not for everyone, its only for those who have a flare for art and its delicacies
I thought of posting the all the poems one by one in this blog forum, by doing that i will take my poems from a clsoed poetic dashboard to the wider sections of  poetry lovers
What i think of poetry is an excerpt of the book, “Bard”
This book of poetry addresses a bard’s pain, pleasure, transformation through self-realization. Throughout this incredible journey into imagination I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster ride to understand deep human emotions. Most of the poems are written in a lyrical style intended to capture the reader’s mind. Some of them may resemble stories and plays as they took a narrative form of poetry. Some of them are sad poems of love and life, where longings of heart are expressed in an intense way. It was a quest for truth and spirituality, a cry for help, a yearning for true love and the voice of the transforming self.
My need for a creative stimulation was not gratified until I started working on my thoughts. As my ideas, thoughts matured to its fullest and in intensity and completely occupied my mind; I had no other way except putting them in writing.
It took me nearly four years to give the work of literature its final shape. I would not have written it without some strong inspirations throughout the process of its completion. It’s been said that poetry is beyond logic, thus I got a chance to run away from logic and elaboration and expressed my thoughts in a shorter form.
As imagination is beyond any limit, any form of art including poetry is not bound by any single style, form and type. Poetry as an art gives its followers a complete freedom to delve deep into their imaginations. It gives a poet a true reason to rejoice. As long as poets enjoy this freedom, new forms, styles are bound to arise and the beauty of this language of emotions remains eternal.
Poetry with its ageless beauty is a gift of nature, love, experiences of life. From time immemorial great poets and their thoughts made history and they’ve achieved immortality. I feel easy to express my emotions in the form of a poem or a song. First of all I write for myself and then I read a written composition a few times and rewrite ,which is perhaps the usual way of writing a piece of literature. A written work has to go through a stage of refinement.
All the way through this extra ordinary journey into imagination, I’ve delved deep into my soul to understand the true nature of human emotions and made an attempt to experience different emotions by creating imageries, situations with words associated to them and expressed them in a refined way. I felt the pain and agony of some gray feelings by intentionally going through them. To write sad poems knowingly I had to invite the feelings of sorrow, bereavement, and tragedy and for sometime I dared to live in these states of mind.
Poetry and its purity take me toward spirituality. I constantly felt being spiritual throughout this journey of writing and realized the importance of human feelings and compassion. It’s truly an inner growth and its phases I’ve been experiencing at different stages of my life. During writing some of my poems which I classify as “mystery and spiritual”, I’ve asked questions of life and death and the mystery that remains beyond ordinary human understanding, and ultimately remains unanswerable.

By Dipti Prasad Padhi
Copyright © 2008 by Dipti Prasad Padhi

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