What price will be DNT (district0x ) in June 2019 ?

DNT (district0x ) is a potential crypto coin,it trades in Binance and Bittrex and some other crypto currency exchanges. Right now when I am writing it's at 230 satoshi and it is expected to go up as they are releasing factory meme soon. Looking at that the technical analysis indicators are bullish and in short term it may touch 350-400 and in long term it will be600 plus.Join telegram  https://t.me/tradingsignalgroupi?fbclid=IwAR1CO4fhKPTbqsTCL0-RCpKYi7TH7wMSZsP5aFQO0TKrGQv8oIhQCax2MNo

Category : Business and Economy| Date : June 01,2019

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