What should be normal SGOT SGPT level for a healthy human ?

 Aspartate Transaminse ( SGOT ) : Technology to get the SGOT level in blood is called Photometry.

Reference Range of SGOT : 0-37 U/L

Any increase in the level indicated fatty liver issue or swelling in liver.

SGPT ( Alanine Transaminase ) : Reference range : 13-40. Any increase from the reference level means you need to take care of your liver.

During Juandice the level of SGOT and SGPT will increase in thousand units/liter. In a few cases of Jundice where a patient needs to be admited in hospital, It was seen that SGOT and SGPT levels have increased dramatically. In one case it was 4000 U/L where the patient was admitted for several days in hospital.

Liver is perhaps the smallest gland of the body as well as the vital gland of the body. To keep up health of your liver you should take fruits and vegetables red or green in color.

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