Which AC to buy during the summer in India

Brands to avoid

1. Hitachi: There are so many complaints about this AC brand which claims itself as a premier brand. In India parts are not easily available, Cooling is not great comparing to other brands, and Parts are susceptible to damage. DC motors and PCB go faulty often as per customers review
2. Samsung: It seems to be the worst brand in terms of quality of the product, its durability, maintenance. As per customer complaints from customers who had used and discarded this brand its compressor often fails and if this happens during the warranty period then you may save your skin but note that few customers have complained that after the replacement of the compressor unit consumption of power goes up. Response from customer care is poor and service quality is awful as per the customer survey.
Along with this they have a late response time when you register a complaint with them

Brands to purchase
Whirl-Pool: One of the best brands in this segment. I have been using this from last 4 seasons, its working fine, cooling is great, and it saves power utilization when put on eco mode. Mine is 3 star-rated AC, you take a 5 star rated AC it will have more cost effectiveness.
Brands like Voltas and Godrej belong to India with easily available partsin market, but as per customer review if you buy Voltas. Voltas is on little economical comparing to other foreign brands. You need to d a little research before making a buying option.

is better than Samsung and other brands in terms of after sales support. They are very good in quality service support.

Take care of the following while making a buying decision
1.    Check if your room needs a split or a window ac. Window AC has noise issue while split does not. Maintenance is cheaper comparing to split and window ACs come with a lower price comparing split.
2.    Select a capacity of AC according to room size.
3.    Select a star rated AC for less power consumption. More the rating is less is the consumption of power.
4.    Refer to power saving tips to save energy and power consumption
5.    If you reside near costal region there is chance of corrosion of components like pipe and other component. In that case choose the best brand and type of AC.

Disclaimer : This review is based on feedback from customers of the brands and In no circumstance I (we) take responsibility for the Increase or decrease of sale as a result of this product review.

By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Product and service Review| Date : March 25,2014

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