Which is the best diagnostic centre in Greater Noida?


There are many diagnostic centres available in Delhi/NCR.


Big brands are SRL, Dr.Lal Path, Dr.Reddy Path https://www.drreddylab.com/


https://www.pathkindlabs.com/find-a-lab, Pathkind Lab : In Noida extention


http://www.medisyshealthcare.com/test.php : Medisyshealthcare is in Greater Noida.


Now it's very difficult to say which one is good, average, bad, You neeed to read reviews.


SRL,Dr.Lal, Dr.Reddy are big brands in this segment and their charges are also on a higher side. It is good to go for 

a pathology Lab having their own inhouse test center unlike the ones like Thyrocare, Healthians,1mglab etc.


In case of Thyrocare, Healthians,1mglab etc they deliver your blood test report within 24 hours but it is very likely

that their local franchise gets your blood test done. Reliability is a question.


SRL, Dr.Lal Path, Dr.Reddy Path : Big brands but there are so many negative reviews too.


Best idea is to get a test done with all of them- go for a less expensive test- take any one test.

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