Who killed Batcha Raja

Disgrace comes from bad deed or what we call bad karma. When it comes to financial embezzlement most of us think that it is not a bad deed. Earning money through illegal route is still considered as unsinful and acceptable. When we have a man Hasan Ali who has an estimated wealth of 100000 lakh crore, no one asks where the money has come from, is it a legal source or an illegal source. When the IT raid and puts a penalty of 500000 crore years back nothing happens and all on sudden supreme court gives strict instructions to take Ali in Remand and grill him about his source of income. Lets see, probably nothing will happens. Disgraced A.Raja as per media reports made huge money in the form of kickbacks and his associates joined the bandwagon. Good ! They made huge money ! When people become rich we should become happy ! It is what our religion says but when people die everyday due to hunger, malnutrition and unemployment what our religion says and what God says, overall what we say. When a country has 99% of cowards who have fear to fight against corruption, lawlessness and violence we can safely say that we live in a democracy which is not a safe roof for the common men. Am i not true . What is is usefulness of democracy when those who run the show have so much power that anarchy comes automatically, fear takes route and people feel unsafe to believe in the system.

Recently we have made very little progress on the 2g scam where we all knew that spectrum allocation was made through favouritism and it caused heavy loss to Govt exchequer but then what a single man does with so much money. Tell me if some one gives you an amount of 1 crore it seems a lot of money for i think 70% to 80% of Indian, even millions of entrepreneurs do not get a sum of 5 to 10lakh to start a small business. They think this amount can change their life and can bring a source of income that can run their life. May be I am one of them. Yes there are millions of entrepreneurial ideas die every hour due to lack of  funds while there are people who have massive black money running in trillions in their swiss bank. What actually happens to the wealth that can not be enjoyed. Suppose x is a minister who held a mining portfolio and through illegal mining he hoarded 1000 crore a very moderate money for a corrupt individual. Hey see 1000 crore is like an industry, what is the benefit of hoarding such a huge amount where that individual has a fear to declare that wealth as legal and earned through right means. Are getting what i am trying to say. Pople have 400 lakh crore in their swiss bank accounts what a pity ! Will they be able to enjoy that wealth when it is hoarded in the swiss banks. Pity Pity !

Anyway Batcha was a close associate of A.Raja and he was the MD of a 2000 crore real estate firm Green house promoters and once upon a time he was salesman, a hawker who used travel place to place to sell garment. CBI suspects Batcha’s firm was responsible to route the kickback money and another company named Genex Exim and even DB reality MD has alleged that Batcha introduced him to A.Raja. Btacha was found dead in his bathroom mysteriously. Batcha was suppose to be a key man to unearth may interesting clues about the infamous deal. May God bless his soul ! Rest in peace ! he took no money with him i suppose and i believe no one takes any material thing as he departs from the earth. What’s the good to have so much ! when death was disgraceful.

 Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi


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