Who will win England vs Italy FIFA world cup on 14th Jun 2014


Colombia in the first half has made the first goal with the help of pablo Armero
Colombia seems to show that Falco's injury will not impact their quality playing.
Colombian Goalkeeper David ospina has stopped greece's attempt for a goal till now.

England vs Italy FIFA world cup on 14th Jun 2014

Saturday's encounter between the 2 top notch teams of Europe is going to be entertaining. They will clash at Manaus. Here the main challenge for both the teams would be the hot climate and the issue of dehydration while playing. This may surely be an impact on both the team's performance. FIFA has decided to stop the match at every 30 minutes if the temperature rises above 32 C.
Wayne ROONY may prove to be lethal against Italy.
Will England win ?
1.England wins
2. Italy win
3. Draw

My prediction : Draw

By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Sports| Date : June 14,2014

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