Why death occurs


Why it happens that love turns into hatred and goodness turns into resentment, faith dies and as a result life becomes difficult. Life becomes difficult when we lose faith in us, faith on true love and good karma, religion and life is easy for those who know the art of forgivingness, a noble human trait and Happy are those who are content of what they are, who they are and content are the people who do not laugh or over rejoice at someone's birth or entirely loose themselves at someone's demise. Life is just a collection of events and experiences, what we call death are a process when of rebirth. Only way to live a happy life is to challenge the odds of life and by fighting against the odds we ultimately find the true essence of life. Life is precious it should not be wasted pondering about some bad past events and experiences.  So let’s live life fully.
Be careful when taking a decision in your life, every action based on your decision has it repercussion. This may be something to do with your relationship, career or something else. Your action should not put you in a mental state of embarrassment, guilt and repent, hence always be a wise decision maker.

A practical decision is far better thanan emotional one. Let your mind act upon while you make a plan of action. It’s said that time wasted is life wasted...and the writer wrote waste time for none other than God....I say spend your leisure time with friends, family and loved ones but don’t forget to reserve your special moments to worship God.

What God gives no one can give, what he plans for you no one can even think for you, what is written in your destiny no one knows? What we know may be blurred with a lot of self-created prejudices, perceptions and based on that our assumptions are formed but when we think out of the box it’s all peace for which we live, grow and one day die. You may ask how this can be possible that for peace someone dies. If you think and rethink it will be apparent that when the body through several years of growth and then decay goes through a stage of cessation, it only needs rest and the soul in the body tries to flee as the decaying body cannot house the powerful light of the soul. That's why death occurs. Like life death is a natural process and it’s just a beginning of a new life, a new world for the soul to be incarnated. Don’t be scared of death. It’s a natural process like life.

Written BY Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Self-help| Date : May 28,2014

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