Why do people engage in extra marital affair?

Extra Marital affair, most of the time sounds as a taboo. Society condemns these kinds of relations. Even people who get engaged in such affairs may one day or the other break such relationship out of fear, guilt but from time immemorial such affairs have been part of our secret world.

An extra Marital affair starts when a present relation has become monotonous, sometimes love-less or strained. Sometimes out of curiosity while sometimes just to add some fun element into life.

Reasons of getting into such relations are different for a male while different for a woman. Most of the time it is said that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Both these planets are indeed responsible for love and expressions of love; I mean the physical side of love. Men are different from women when it comes to extra marital affairs. Men know very clearly if they fall for it just for sex or for love, while women mix up both. For a woman their attraction towards a man is more often connected to a quick emotional connection. Even if knowing that she is married when she gets connected to someone else emotionally she may know deep inside that something is wrong and unethical but love does not understand ethics. If you long for something you may go to any extent to get it. And that longing takes one to several steps forward to enter into a forbidden relationship.

Men are said to be apt in managing such relationships secretly while women are not in most of the cases. Life of extra marital relationship is not long unless there is a deep love and commitment between the lovers. As I said the reasons are different for men and women, reasons for separation and breaking up such relationship are also different. In such relationship, most of the time it may be possible that one partner plays the role of a player while another turns into a victim. In any case outcome of an extra-marital affair is never going to be good at least in long run.

When a male and a female engage in an extra martial affair just to add up some spice and fun into their life should note that sexual energy or emotion is more powerful than the soul-level emotional energy and there is a good chance of falling into love. When love comes into picture there will be disaster rather than any good from such a relationship. In this case people take extreme steps. Mostly their want to break their marital relationship just tostay with their new found love. It is true that we have been living in a very materialistic world where our success is mostly judged by one’s material prosperity, and when people become too materialistic they may turn into very manipulative when it comes fulfill their extra marital desires.

There are extra-marital affairs which you may call as karmic connection. It’s a very strange world and there is an occult side of the world that exists. You may see someone, talk to her/him, in no times you both may feel connected and both may find there is something deeper soul-level connection between the two. You may enter into a relation out of a call from the nature, a call for redemption from a karmic bondage.








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