Why do people without a romantic partner have riskier financial behavior?

 Time again it has been proved that People who are engaged in a romantic relationship are more satisfied in their life than the ones who do not have a loving or romantic partner.

Now a research proved that people who are single without a romantic partner or people who have difficulty in finding a romantic partner are more risk taker when it comes towards speculating in lottery machine, investing money in a high risk investment.

As per a survey two choices were given to both sets of people,

1.      Told to pick up option to buy a lottery ticket worth 10$ for a winning amount $10,000

2.      Given option of picking up 10 tickets worth 1$ each for a winning sum of $1000.


You guessed right they picked up the option 1.


Does that mean that people with a loving partner live a more controlled life and they believe in calculated risk?


By : Admin| Category : Relationship| Date : April 18,2016

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