Why I became a member of MAS (MY ADSTORY) after my stint with URS and Top share?

Industry of revenue share is not new but with the advent of social networking sites, the Revshare industry got connected globally.

Look at any successful Revshare model or program, you will find thousands of members from all across the globe, that’s the beauty of Revenue share.


How does it work? 


1. Mostly through money/share we put in the system or program of revshare to buy ad packs. 
2. It works through the well-managed team consisting of the owners, admins and we (members)
3. It works through advertisement of products and services along with additional source of investment income.
4. It sustains through growing number of members who come every day having faith in the system and also through the ability of the owners in finding additional sources of income.
How it fails?
1. Through mismanagement of funds due to improper direction and lack of clearly defined goals. 
2. Bad intentions of scamming and taking away people’s money
3. Unable to generate external sources of funds to pay the members or shareholders or investors.

Why recently Revshare industry got ill reputation?

All due to the recent scams done by the so-called owners or their mismanagement. If you are new to the world of Revshare, do some research, within 6 months or 1 year you should how many collapsed and how many sustained?

Take an example of URS (Ultimate Revenue share) or TSG (Top share Global) or Zeek Rewards and Telexfree and several others, either collapsed due to mismanagement or scamed.

Why I Joined MY ADSTORY?
My sponsor gave me a clear picture of their closely guarded strategy, I did some research and found out that few of the admins are well-known, one from them is  Julz Steve, everyone knows him, excited to see that he is the admin. If you have watched Julz Steve previously than he not only promoted it but he is also one of the Admins of MAS.

Mahmoud Cherif: Owner of MY ADSTORY 

Having a closed group on Facebook MAS has now 12,000 plus members and 16 admins. MAS has a digital marketplace, https://www.myfivepay.com/, it’s an amazing website having a very good Alexa Rank. Looking at all these factors MAS has a clear goal of sustaining in the market like MPA. 

Ad packs Over View
1. Mass Narrator : 1 USD
3. MAS Storytellers : 50 USD

As a Revshare participant you should not be influenced by what others say, For example I wrote all goody goody things about MY ADSTORY but before you put your money do your own homework.

You can join MAS through a sponsor, if you like me as your sponsor you can join through the below link.

https://myadstory.com/ref/10688 | https://myadstory.com/ref/bardevolved

You can connect me on facebook for any further queries, I will be delighted to take up your queries and guide you.


MAS Reviewed By Dipti Prasad Padhi



Website : https://myadstory.com/



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