Why Katrina is angry these days?

As per a recent report Katrina has been followed by the Paparazzi while the paparazzi did not take this allegation and directed it towards some unknown people or goons are following these days. In a recent incident when someone tried to take her photographs while she strongly objected and bashed on the photographer and threatened her to hand him over to the police.

Since Katrina broke with Ranbir Kapoor and left cater road pent house she used to share with Ranbir things have turned nasty. Media reports started linking Salman Khan as the reason behind this break-up while Katrina’s closeness to Salman caught immediate media attention.


Post her break-up she was seen in Big Boss 9 where Salman did not stop telling pampering words of praise for her ex-gf Katrina Kaif.

Paparazzi or the unknown people stalking her all the time are surely not good as per her private life is concerned.

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