Why Meditation is important?

Do you meditate sometimes?

Do you meditate often?

You may have read a lot about meditation, even I have but do we really get time to practice meditation?

2nd question is about why should I meditate? I am not stressed and I do alternative forms of exercises?

Interestingly such questions arise when someone tells you about the benefits of meditation.

Meditation is mindfulness; no other form of exercise can bring you mindfulness until your mind is prepared for mindfulness.

What do I mean by mindfulness?  

Stress finds its way when something goes wrong with your money, work, economy, family responsibilities, relationships, health, health of family members, cost of living, personal safety, emotional well-being, Job Stability.


Results of stress are irritability, anger, fatigue, Lack of interest in anything, Lack of motivation and energy, Nervousness and anxiety, Headache; feeling depressed, stomach disorder, lack of appetite, low sex drive, hearth problems, Change in menstrual cycle in women, erectile dysfunction, blackouts at times, diabetics, dramatic weight gain

There are several other serious side effects of stress that can literally kill a stressed human being.

 1/3 or 1/2 of all Americans have insomnia. Stress causes Insomnia.


You won’t imagine how many people out of over 7 billion world population are in stress. 

Remedy of stress is not medicine but meditation. Even scientists who have always seen meditation as placebo now agreed that it has mysterious health benefits. As per evidence people who regularly meditate have more grey matter volume comparing to other. Grey matter of the brain reduces due to aging but you will be startled to know that a meditator over the age of 50 may have the same amount of grey matter comparing to a younger one half of his/her age.

Grey matter of brain controls muscle as well as sensory functions of the body such as seeing, hearing, memory, emotions, decision making, and speech.
Meditation does give clarity to mind, hence increases clarity in thought process, removes negativity, increases memory, and helps in controlling negative emotions. It enhances speech, hearing and seeing abilities.
A clear mind can only has a clear vision.
People who meditate more often have a great sense of love and compassion. Meditation indeed increases all of these great human qualities.

Don’t you think the world should have more compassionate people, don’t you think anger and hatred should be replaced by love. I see a world full of love and compassion. There should be no place of hatred and anger towards anyone in our hearts. I also believe that love and compassion can address the poverty issues, social inequality. We can also resolve the problems of discrimination due to gender, race, color, nationality, race, religion. 

So what you are waiting for. Start meditation and bring change within you and your surroundings and best of Luck on your spiritual journey.

Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi
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