Why Trinamool Congress party lost seats in Lok Sabha elections ?

Trinamool Congress party in West Bengal lost lots of seats in Lok Sabha elections 2019. Though they managed to win 22 seats but comparing to 2014 elections their performance is poor this time because people of West Bengal have realised that Mamta Banerjee is not interested in the development of West Bengal rather she is more interested in only allegations against prime minister Narendra Modi. BJP only won 2 seats in 2014 elections but they were determined to win as many as seats in 2019. They did a lot of ground work, won hearts of people by showing a vision that West Bengal needs development and progress. Trinamool Congress party tried their best to tamper EVM, hurled bombs in different constituency and on the basis of fear they wanted to win elections but people of Bengal are now awakened, they wanted to see a new Bengal. Written by Sudipto from Kolkata.

Category : News| Date : May 24,2019

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