Why Yuvraj to be blamed for the defeat of World T20 2014

This is such a cruel world .... performers who are usually worshipped like God may anytime be thrown into the hell if they loose one game. If it was Dhoni or Raina in place of Yuvraj, had their residence being pelted with stones, may be. How can we forget his glorious past records where he brought 2007 world cup T20 home.

How can we forget about the 2011 world cup, after 28 years of lull India brought home the world Cup, Dont we know about Yuvraj's contribution there.

It was the captian who could have put Riana ahead of yuvraj looking at his superb form. Now its too late to blame the team India and its too cowardice and henious as an act to throw stones at yuvraj's home.

By Dipti Prasad Padhi


By : | Category : Sports| Date : April 07,2014

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