Will Salman Khan come out of Jail? An astrological insight

Salman Khan, blackbucks case, sentence of 5-year, Salman Khan, hit and run case and legal battles. Why such legal issues cropped up in his life. Astrologically If I see 6th lord mercury in the sign of Scorpio with ketu and aspected by Rahu in the birth chart tells about legal trouble. Mercury and Ketu are in 8th house of sudden bad events and is aspected by Rahu from 2nd house signify that there are legal battles he has to fight but I don’t see any imprisonment angle as 12th house is not involved and at the same time has a very strong lagna lord mars. So the chances are he will come out clean or the cases will be go on like eternity with hearings only and no actual imprisonment.

 He has been under the period of Saturn maha dasha from 4th September 2002 and Saturn took him to a different level of stardom with very good professional success. From 13th April 2016 he is under the sub period of Rahu in Saturn’s major period. As I mentioned above Rahu is involved with the 6th lord and Rahu rules prison, unexpected events legal issues have cropped up in Rahu’s sub period. Saturn, Shani is the karaka of justice and it gives the result of sanchit karma not only of this birth but even from the karma of past birth. So Saturn shows some negative or positive effects of our Karma as he is the karma karaka.

Mercury Dasha will begin from 2021 and mercury is the 6th lord posited in 8th house which creates vipareet Raj yoga but still as it’s between Rahu ketu axis some legal issues may be there but he has so much good Karma in his Karma account that everything will be alright.

Disclaimer : This astro blog post is piece of research and it is just for educational purpose.





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