Will Salman Khan ever marry astrological prediction


Being a big Fan of Salman Khan i wish he would marry soon. How soon lets check from Natal and horary charts. In this article lets check what his Natal chart promises.

I see Neptune in the house of marriage and also the house of open enemy , Neptune (deception,drug, spirituality,illusion, entertainment ) and Neptune is opposite Ascd (salman ) which means illusion comes into picture while thinking of someone who can be his life partner and neptune deceives in the house means he may be prone to deception while choosing a right person as his partner.

marriage lord mars conjunction mc means his partners come into contact though career connection, and his mars 7th house ruler is in 10th house highly dignified in aqa which means he prefers his partner to be intlectual, vibrant, airy sign aqua means someone who is very original, being an artist he may prefer someone who is highly original and artistic. there is tight conjunction of venus (desire for love, beauty, love, marriage) and mars (passion,drive), there must be an inner urge to merge and this urge for true love and an ideal marriage can not be ruled out. but i think mars venus combination delays marriage, heartbreaks may be. moon square neptune ( moon lord of 3rd in 10th and neptune lord of 8th placed in 7th house ), 8th lord in 7th delays marriage, square means moon one of the major karakas of marriage squares from 10th ( profession ), it signifies that there is a drive to find a life partner, this drive may be a struggle with in the ambit of his professional sphere.

His 7th lord pluto in 5th (brings power and transformation through partners and placed in the 5th house means a transformation in acting though the influence of partners ) and mars the co-ruler is in 10th, if he will ever get marries his partner will be from the glamor industry or someone who is famous in a specific area of her calling )

In the next article we will discuss what is the timeline of marriage as per horary


Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi

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