Will you forgive your lover for cheating you in relationship?

Relationships are very delicate and vulnerable to misunderstanding, fights and finally break-ups. Even though we live in modernity of the world, we may still appreciate simplicity in our love relationship, we will always love the serenity of love and will always try to give hundred percent in our relationship. If we don’t do that then it’s simple cheating.

Most of men and women get married for the sake of marriage but over a period of time they find that they don’t love each other and they are not soulmates. But they still continue to live that relationship thinking that it will become a taboo if they break the shackle and run away from the marital relationship.

They don’t run away thinking about their family, society and ill-fame but they may harm themselves in such a relationship where there is an emotional baggage they carry. The result is lack of confidence, lack of direction in life, unhappiness in marriage and possible extramarital affairs. Hence it’s very important to choose your life partner with whom you can love unconditionally and live with happiness, else it is just marital ritual.

There are cases when people come to know about their partner’s past affairs and they feel heart-broken which possibly opens the Pandora’s Box of heart-break, emotional trauma and verbal or physical abuse and then separation. But is it really wise to get into such dark mess and find you in a deep trouble.

Possibly not. We humans do mistakes but a perfect human learns and matures from their mistakes. Hence it is unwise to do such things that can harm you or your partner and possibly your kids. It is best to find out the reason of such infidelity and try to fix it. It may not sound that simple but it’s not very complex either.

Just remember that forgivingness is the best medication for everything that may have hurt you. Discuss with your partner, develop a strong door of communication and do not stop loving your partner even if you know he/she cheated you in some way. An immature soul reacts to bad situations badly while mature soul reacts to such things maturely. Become your own counselor, consoler and a creator of a good future. Don’t react to bad situations badly.  


By : Admin| Category : Relationship| Date : April 14,2017

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