Work culture and productivity- An example of Germany and Greece

 Work culture of an institution tells about its success. A work culture where the communication above the hierarchy is limited or restrained is a work culture where people work just for the sake of working. When it comes to higher productivity through a well- disciplined work culture, Germans Ranks No-1. German way of working is very different from other countries around the world. Germans work on an average 35 hours and their productivity is way higher than all other European counter parts. Germany indeed saved the euro zone from getting collapsed in 2012.


Facebook and other social networking sites are strictly banned in German offices. When it comes to an 8 or 9 hours of work per day they just work and talk about work while in most countries including America extended work culture is a usual norm. Facebook during work, looking through whatsapp notifications, office gossips and attending personal calls are considered to be cool in so many other countries while it’s a strict no no in a German set-up.

Germans do not mix work with play. Weekends are meant to be everything besides work while after 6 Pm no one is allowed to discuss anything about work. On an average they are privileged to have 24 paid vacations while German business culture believes in direct communication with their colleagues, peers and managers. Germany is after all the Europe’s industrial back bone.


Slightly more than 11 million by population Greece has been labeled as the world’s debt burdened country. Greece people work more than 40 hours a week and there are still less paid comparing to their European counter parts due to their laziness and imprudent financial planning.

Greece is proud of its olive, bread and butter and other dairy products that mean they have still stuck in a world of agriculture. Even though they are good in agriculture their olive oil is exported as made in Italy because they sell it to Italy as  cheap take-away while Italy is smart enough to brand the olive oil in their name. Thanks to Greece’s imprudent business decisions. They have not yet made any inroad into the technological development. Export of technology to the other parts of world is a miniscule percentage. There is an employment rate of 52% in Greece. It is not only Greece but also Spain has the similar percentage rate of unemployment.   

Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Business and Economy| Sub Category : International Business|Date : August 14,2015

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